On Resting and Minimizing Busyness

My beautiful picture On Sunday I rested. It sounds simple and easy but it wasn’t. I am on  a roll, going through the house, getting rid of crap and it was really hard to take a day off and leave the project “unfinished”.  The were a few reasons I decided to rest. One, my allergies were really bothering me and that makes me feel pretty miserable. Two, my family-type people were home and I wanted to enjoy their presence. And finally, because I’ve decided resting is an important part of becoming  a mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy minimalist.

I am too busy, it’s all go all the time. I like to be busy, to do stuff, but I need to find a better balance than I’ve had up until recently. I was so busy, that when I was home, I was so lazy. I didn’t want to do anything. No folding the laundry, washing the dishes or dusting the coffee table (By the way, that thing went away with my purging!). So, not only did I have too much “crap” but it was everywhere; and it was depressing. When I decided to try minimalism, that was great motivation to stop being lazy at home and work really hard for days on end. However, since I am one of those people who can take things to the extreme, I didn’t want to stop until it was done. (which is crazy, because this is going to be a long journey).

Contemplating balance through minimalism, made me realize that rest is an important part of life so I made myself take the day off. I slept in, I read a book, cooked burgers on the grill and had a great conversation about 1 Corinthians 8 with my family. It was glorious and necessary. Since, I am on summer break from my job at the university, Monday morning I continued the “quest for rest”. I had coffee on a friend’s porch. It was so good to talk, laugh and just enjoy the company of others. I could have skipped it, been too busy with getting rid of my crap, and I would have missed out on really living. (Which is the whole point of this journey I’m embarking on.)

Rest is important.



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