The Little Things Matter

Little things  It’s been about a week now and I keep pushing forward; clearing out things I don’t need and making room for the life I desire. It feels good and I have a great sense of accomplishment, but sometimes the task is a bit tedious. I’m leaving no stone unturned in this endeavor, which means I’m sorting through a lot of little crap.

As I was going through the cupboard in the bathroom our daughters share, I found myself wondering if sorting and thinning out all of the little stuff was going to matter. I mean, how much space do hair pins and nail polish take up anyway? But, I’m determined to minimize, down-size and organize every nook and cranny of this place so I pushed through that task and even moved on to another bathroom, the laundry room(where the “junk drawer” lived) and the kitchen.

When I stand back and look at the end result, I am amazed! Things feel lighter and more beautiful. There is empty space where clutter and junk once resided. It feels so good!

Now, after thinking about it, I don’t know why I even wondered if the little things matter. Of course they do! When I think about my life, those treasures that I have stored up in my heart are rarely the big things. What I value most are the little things. Things like, bouquets of dandelions picked by my young daughters, making cookies(and a mess), going to concerts, and sharing a meal with people I love.

And that brings me back to thinking about all the little crap I got rid of, stuff I didn’t need, that didn’t add value to my life. What about all of those little unneeded and unwanted memories that I hold onto? Why not just clear out that clutter and junk too? Won’t that also make life feel lighter and more beautiful? So that’s one of the new tasks on the to-do list. When I come across one of those memories that doesn’t deserve space in my heart and mind, out it goes. But that empty space it creates, I’m going to fill it back up with good stuff. Because even a minimalist can collect things they really love.


2 thoughts on “The Little Things Matter

  1. Oh, this was beautiful. We just got done cleaning out Miss Ashleigh’s room. A huge task because this girl keeps everything and I mean EVERYTHING! I would pick up something and ask her if she wanted this “thing” that I considered junk and she would be quick to say “yes!” but then she would look at it and tip her head and then say “I guess not”. Your blog has me thinking about the little things that we hang on to. You are so right in that we tend to hang on to little things but let us just make sure they are wonderful and beautiful and they make us smile when we look or think of them. Thank you for this. Deb

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I am appreciating the things God is showing me through this process and that I have a place to share them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. 🙂

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