The Best Laid Plans.

to do list

Today was a great day. It did not go according to plan, but it was great none the less.

I had intended to get up early, have breakfast and spend the whole day in the attic clearing out more stuff: but that’s not what happened. First, I slept in. When I realized what time it was, I quickly hopped out of bed and went in search of breakfast. I remembered that I had some bills to pay online, so I took care of them. And as I was getting ready to go get started in the attic, my parents stopped by for a visit. It was a nice surprise and we enjoyed some coffee and laughter together. After they left, I did get into the attic and it was productive, but I didn’t have much time because I had plans to hang out with my best friend after she got out of work.

There have been occasions when I would have allowed myself to be annoyed that my plans didn’t work out. Not that I wouldn’t be glad to see my parents or to sleep in, just that I was thrown off schedule by it. But that rarely happens these days. I’ve learned that a schedule is merely a possession; a tool under my control, for my use. But if I allow myself to be upset when things don’t go as planned, I let the tool control me. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be a slave to some arbitrary to-do list or schedule anymore. I want to live a more fluid life.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I won’t show up for work or keep commitments, just that in those hours when my time is my own, I’m not going to stress out or worry if my plans get sidetracked by something or someone else. I’m going to embrace the fact that I have the freedom and the privilege to “go with the flow”. There are so many occasions when what I plan to do, pales in comparison to what actually happens. Embracing it minimizes my stress and negative feelings while having the potential to maximize my joy. And joy is one thing I can never have too much of.



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