The Glass Jar

In my effort to minimize my belongings, I have been looking for ways to store smaller items without buying any containers. In this pursuit, I have fallen back in love with the canning jar. In my house, glass jars hold bobby pins, hair ties, clothes pins, toothpicks, pens and even coffee beans. They make anything you put in them instantly prettier.

They are also a very practical solution. They come in all shapes and sizes, they stack well and they are clear; so it’s easy to see what’s in them. Using them also connects me to my past, I have many childhood memories of my grandparents using jars to store things. One particular memory is my great grandfather using a mason jar to store bait for fishing. I always smile when I think of it because of all the other memories it evokes. Thinking about it now, I can almost smell the lake, and see the smile in granddaddy’s eyes.

JARS 2    JARS 1

These glass jars are in my barn. They once hung in Glenn’s grandfather’s workshop. They are full of nuts, bolts, screws and nails. They are beautiful. And I’m sure whenever my husband is looking for a washer or an eye hook searching through these jars connects him to fond memories of his grandfather too.





One thought on “The Glass Jar

  1. Many a fond memory of my mothers canning jars. The steam rising and the aroma of hard work toiling to prepare food for future days. And then there are the memories of a grandfather who lived through a depression and learned to waste not want not, saving just about everything you could imagine in them. Thank you for guiding me on my return back to wonderful times.

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