My efforts to become a minimalist seem to have stalled lately. I’m not back-tracking, there have been no shopping binges to replace all of the crap I cleared out, I just haven’t made any progress lately. I think I have some pretty good reasons for the lull, by I am anxious to get things rolling again.

As I’ve mentioned before, I work at a university, so I was home for 8 weeks this summer. It was a great opportunity to jump in with both feet and kick off this minimizing journey I’ve embarked on. But now, I am back to work, and with my commute I spend roughly 50 hours away from home each week. This has made it very difficult to get motivated to purge and simplify. My time is so limited. I mean, I still need to clean, cook, do my laundry, blah, blah, blah; you get the idea. The last three weekends I have been out of town, so there was no time to work on it then; who wants to do chores on the weekend anyway? Also, my kids are in the midst of packing for their return to college, so there are dorm room supplies everywhere! It’s hard to feel like you are becoming a minimalist when it seems like the piles are growing up around you. I know it’s temporary and all of that stuff is going to campus, but it doesn’t feel temporary. So I find it a bit frustrating and slightly depressing to be in my living space right now. All of this lack of time and focus, makes me realize how very important this journey is.

I need to keep pressing forward, I have tasted the freedom that minimalism offers and I want more. I want more space and more time. I want less stuff to maintain and store. I want less so I can have more; more life, more freedom, more adventure. So in the next day or two, I hope to start small again. Maybe I’ll tackle my sock drawer, I have so many socks! And I’ll try to remember that the piles are leaving in a couple weeks, with my children, so that I don’t mind them so much. I will continue to remind myself that it is a journey, there is no deadline or expiration date to worry about. As long as I keep working towards minimizing I’ll eventually get there. I will embrace where things stand today and hope for more progress tomorrow.

And now that I’ve had time to think about it, I wonder; if I keep the piles, will the kids stay as well? Probably not, but it is a nice thought.


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