Dear Younger Self,

I hope this letter finds you well; settled in and enjoying the view to from the past. I hope you aren’t back there, still stewing about the things that concerned you when you were the oldest version of us. If you are, I have some words of wisdom to impart to you. (after all I am supposed to be older and wiser)

You do not have to have it all “together”. You don’t have to know everything, be able to do everything or even be able to cope with it all. Because honestly, pretty much everything changes and just when you think you have it all contained, something slips through your fingers and is lost forever. If we aren’t losing something, we are finding it. Something new is added to the top of the pile and keeps trying to roll off; each time you go to catch that “new” thing as it rolls away, you risk dropping something else. This makes having it together an insurmountable task.

My advice for you would be: don’t sweat it. Because honestly, no one has it all together; even those people who work really hard at convincing the world that they do. Everyone screws up, misses opportunities; fails. And it’s okay. The world will keep spinning, life will keep moving forward and so will you. I’m not suggesting that you shrug your shoulders and give up, just relax a little. Embrace the truth that you are imperfect and grow and learn each time “together” manages to elude you. Keep your sense of humor. Put your effort into the things that really matter; the things that you love. And remember, when something slips through your fingers, maybe it’s because it was supposed to.

The view from up here is grand and we keep pressing on.


Current Self


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