Minimalism Murdered the Mall

The mall is dead to me. Well, maybe not dead, but it’s not nearly as important or fun as it used to be. It’s all minimalism’s doing; and honestly, I’m pretty happy about it.

I used to love the mall. Looking at clothes, housewares and home decor was the best. Dreaming of what I would look like in that dress and those shoes. Imagining that lovely centerpiece on my dining room table or those Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed. *Sigh* it was heavenly;or so I thought. Now I’m seeing how all of that marketplace dreaming was making me dissatisfied, unhappy and discontent. Hours of window shopping made me think my clothes were old and outdated. My linens seemed shabby and my house certainly didn’t look anything like those homes in magazines.

The mall lied to me, I know that now. I don’t need all of the shiny, pretty things it offers in order to be happy. My clothes are fine. They are clean, they are flattering and most of them are treasures found at the thrift shop or on a clearance rack. Now, I don’t buy clothes just because they are pretty or fun. I buy them because the are well made, fit my body type and they work as part of an interchangeable wardrobe. (I no longer purchase items that don’t match several other pieces in my closet.) My home is lovely. It is an old farmhouse full of character and charm. All of the beds have sheets, pillows and blankets. There are plenty of towels in the bathrooms and they even match the bathmats. The hurricane lamp on my dining room table is simple and pretty. A lit candle on a fall evening makes the whole room glow with a soothing, flickering light. Embracing minimalism has taught me this and I no longer believe the lies.

I still shop at the mall and I still like it. I just enjoy it in a different way now. My shopping is purposeful. I go to the mall when there is something I need. And I try to only go in the stores where I might find that particular “something”. When I’m shopping with other people, I may window shop, but now it’s more about the experience and the company, not the stuff. We talk and laugh. We go get a good cup of coffee or one of those fantastic giant pretzels, then we sit down to relax, people watch or have a conversation. It still serves a purpose for me; a better purpose. Now, I use the mall instead of it using me.


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