This workbench belonged to my husband’s grandfather and it has been in our basement, barn or garage for the entire time we have been married; about twenty-one years. And for all of that time, I have always considered it to be a workbench, it was built to be a workbench, it had always been used  as a work bench. It was a workbench.

Life as a workbench

Life as a workbench

For this same amount of time, about 21 years, I have wanted a buffet for my dining room. It’s not a need, I haven’t been in misery or woe because I have not had one, but I have still desired it. The other day, I walked down the basement stairs and when I looked at that workbench, I saw something different; I saw a buffet. I don’t know why or how the change occurred, but in a blink it was transformed. I gave it a second look and dared to re-imagine it.

This is what our workbench, I mean buffet, looks like today:

Life as a buffet

Life as a buffet

I love it in the dining room. It has character; a patina that only time and use can give. It is a one of a kind showpiece in my home. I’m glad I looked at this piece in a new light and gave it a new purpose, but I’m also glad that it was once a workbench. If it had always been a buffet, it would not have the same charm. It’s previous purpose is what gave it the characteristics that makes it such a great buffet. It would not have the same beauty. The variation in the colors, the nicks and holes on it’s surface, speak to the life it used to have as a workbench. What it once was, makes it perfect for what it has become.

There are so many ideas.thoughts and lessons that I have gleaned from this experience; parallels in life and purpose and people. But I’m not going to speak to those. I’ll let you ponder them for yourself and give you the opportunity to re-imagine things.



It’s November and everybody is starting to think about gratitude, I am no exception. I have so many things to be thankful for; my family, my home, my freedom. These are all big things that I am grateful for on a regular basis. Every time I see one of my daughters smile, I am grateful for their presence in my life. When I pull into my driveway after a long day, I’m thankful to have a place to call home. But what about the little things, the small blessings; those I can easily overlook during my busy day. I am working on changing that. So here are some of the little things I am thankful for today:

This is the view from my front door today.

This is the view from my front door today.

The snow

It came early, it is cold, but it is lovely. As you can see from the picture above, winter has come early to my part of the world. I am not a huge fan of winter, but it does have it’s perks. There is nothing cozier than sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa and watching the snow fall. Children FREAK OUT when it snows. They get so excited to go enjoy it; I’m trying to learn from the example of children and share their joy. I am grateful for snow.

Staying Home

It’s snowing. Driving in snow sucks! And I didn’t have to do it today. I live quite a way from the university; it takes me forty minutes to get there on a good day and on a day like today, it would have taken well over an hour. On top of that, it would have been a stressful drive too. I have a fantastic supervisor who values my safety over my presence on a day like today, and he allowed me to work from home. I am grateful for staying home (and my boss).

WiFi and Remote Access

I have internet and the ability to access the university’s servers remotely, which means there is very little I cannot do when I am offsite. Because of this, I can actually get plenty of work done and I don’t have to use any vacation or personal time to  make up for staying home today. I am grateful for technology.

The Hot Water Kettle

Hot water, what a blessing! I put water in the kettle, turn it on and in a matter of minutes I have hot water for french press coffee, tea, or cocoa. It’s wonderful. It’s a blessing just to have water that is clean and easily accessible, but I can have hot water at the flick of a switch. I am grateful for my kettle.

I could go on and on. The firewood, the wood stove, the music playing in the background; you get the idea. These are all things that are easily overlooked and alone they seem small, but it’s the small blessings that make up most of the big blessings in life. I don’t want to miss opportunities to be grateful any longer, so I’m going to pay attention to these little things and hopefully improve my attitude and outlook in the process (it’s hard to be grumpy and grateful at the same time).

So, what are you grateful for today?