This workbench belonged to my husband’s grandfather and it has been in our basement, barn or garage for the entire time we have been married; about twenty-one years. And for all of that time, I have always considered it to be a workbench, it was built to be a workbench, it had always been used  as a work bench. It was a workbench.

Life as a workbench

Life as a workbench

For this same amount of time, about 21 years, I have wanted a buffet for my dining room. It’s not a need, I haven’t been in misery or woe because I have not had one, but I have still desired it. The other day, I walked down the basement stairs and when I looked at that workbench, I saw something different; I saw a buffet. I don’t know why or how the change occurred, but in a blink it was transformed. I gave it a second look and dared to re-imagine it.

This is what our workbench, I mean buffet, looks like today:

Life as a buffet

Life as a buffet

I love it in the dining room. It has character; a patina that only time and use can give. It is a one of a kind showpiece in my home. I’m glad I looked at this piece in a new light and gave it a new purpose, but I’m also glad that it was once a workbench. If it had always been a buffet, it would not have the same charm. It’s previous purpose is what gave it the characteristics that makes it such a great buffet. It would not have the same beauty. The variation in the colors, the nicks and holes on it’s surface, speak to the life it used to have as a workbench. What it once was, makes it perfect for what it has become.

There are so many ideas.thoughts and lessons that I have gleaned from this experience; parallels in life and purpose and people. But I’m not going to speak to those. I’ll let you ponder them for yourself and give you the opportunity to re-imagine things.


One thought on “Re-imagined

  1. The memories of old repurposed things give us thought, just as yours does. I have always been a “sucker” for the old things. I say “sucker” in that, I look at things and see a new purpose for them. A new life. It looks very content in your home.

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