Trying To Keep Up

Life moves fast. When I was young, I can remember rolling my eyes and thinking “yeah right” when older people said that to me. But now that I’m older I can see all too clearly that they were right. Life does indeed move fast.

I don’t think my life is moving faster now than it did twenty years ago, I think maybe I am just more aware of it’s break-neck pace. I think when I was a young wife and mother I spent my time with my head down, keeping everything together. There were diapers and bottles, then there were school clothes and girl scouts, then prom dresses and first cars; and when i finally looked up from that work I was amazed at how much time had passed. My girls can’t possibly be 18 and 20! I just taught them how to tie their shoes for crying out loud!

But my girls are that old. They have graduated from high school, they are in college and one of them is engaged. I find these facts very difficult to wrap my brain around. I am so proud of my girls, so happy for the stuff that is happening in their lives, and so shocked that they are old enough to be doing all of these exciting and wonderful things.

So now, I hope I’ll remember to look up from the work a little more often. I don’t want to miss anything. Life moves fast…and I’m just trying to keep up.