A Finished Product!

I finally finished a project!


So this concussion business has really slowed down every single part of my life, so I’m pretty pumped that I finally finished a project. I had to do it in small chunks because of the fatigue and aggravating brain issues I’ve been experiencing but I’m happy with the end result.

So here is the before:


I found this crate at goodwill. I wasn’t sure what it would become, but I knew it had potential. I ended up turning it into a picnic caddy; you know, one of those cutesy things for the plates, napkins and silverware. (My desire for warm, sunny picnic weather may have inspired me!) I made a few modifications and added a few accessories to create the finished product.

Here is the after:

I’m pretty happy with the result and I’m excited to work on some other pieces. I think Under(wood) Revision is finally under way!

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