Beyond the Point Of No Return

So, a few weeks ago I wrote about a major dilemma I was having. I was trying to decide if I should take a promotion at work (and risk giving up on some dreams) or if I should simply walk away and try to make my dreams a reality. Well…I walked away.

I haven’t really started working on my plans for the future yet; I have spent the last few weeks trying to get caught up on things that had been sorely neglected during my “I hate my job” pity party and I have also been helping friends and family with some projects and events. I have worked harder and been busier than I ever was while I had a job and I love it. I love it because it has felt purposeful and valuable. I have felt like I am doing things that really matter for the people that really matter.

Very soon things will be settling down into a quieter rhythm and I will begin to turn my focus to my dreams and goals. It is going to be a slow start and I have lots of hard work to do before I actually get up and running with most of it, but I am so excited to finally be at the starting gate.

Stay tuned…the adventure continues.


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